Great Oil is an onshore oil & gas well drilling company with operations in Brazil since 2005. It owns eight drilling rigs capable of drilling 3,500-meter deep oil & gas wells.

Some of these rigs are state-of-the-art facilities with some unique features, such as Oil-120, manufactured in 2011 by Care Industries in Canada. This 850 HP rig is capable of drilling 3,000-meter deep wells. It has a walking system that allows operators to move up to 30 meters at the same site without using cranes or trucks, saving time and resources in cluster well drilling operations.

Great Oil also operates in onshore oil & gas wells, providing heavy-duty completion and workover services, using the oil rig Oil-106, manufactured in 2009 by Care Industries in Canada. The rig has a substructure and is capable of operating in 4,000-m deep wells.