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Great Energy


About us

The Group’s proposal of integration for a distinguished performance in the onshore energy, oil and gas industry is topped off by Great Energy.

The company is managed by executives with experience in this production chain and includes professionals of outstanding technical excellence. The team has extensive exploration and production expertise and includes geologists, geophysicists, drilling and reservoir engineers, which ensures a highly competitive position in the E&P chain.

Over the past few years, Great Energy has acquired three oil exploration blocks in auctions promoted by the Brazilian Petroleum Agency (Blocks REC T 108, REC T 46 and REC T 166) and has carried out a 90% farm-in of an exploration block owned by Alvopetro (Block REC T107).

In the latter, it started drilling operations in well 1-GOP-1A-BA in the second half of 2017. In this operation, the synergy between the group’s companies came about when a nanotechnology-based biodegradable fluid provided by Great Solutions was successfully used, promoting greater drilling efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal.

In April 2018, Great Energy started its own production in the field Urubu-Rei (BA).