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Social Development

The oil activity in Brazil, especially onshore, represents a great potential for improving the quality of life in the regions where it is present. The analysis of its impact on the people and the environment is vital for the business and one of the strategic pillars of the Group, deserving attention in all operations.

In addition to the respect for international environmental standards, investments in innovation, technology and personnel training contribute to preserve the regions served. Even Great Energy’s business strategy reflects this concern with a portfolio of green, high performance solutions that help reduce environmental impacts.



The discovery of gas deposits in the region of Médio Mearim, Maranhão, boosted development in this northeast, where, until recently, economic activities only revolved around retail, oil from babaçu palm trees and farming. The setup of the second largest producer of natural gas in Brazil, Parnaíba Gás Natural (PGN), in the Parnaíba Valley, attracted a number of gas companies, including Great Oil.

The invitation to work here allowed me to go back and live close to my family. The gas projects brought much progress and lots of jobs.


Ediberto Rodrigues Ferreira, Chef from Maranhão State, who was able to return to his homeland thanks to the oportunities that came up with the natural gas exploration in the region.


José Raimundo Soares Magalhães, Descendant of slaves who now works for the catering company commissioned to provide meals at Great Oil’s camp sites in operation in Maranhão.

I am very grateful for the chance to be an entrepreneur in my homeland. Our region is very poor and the arrival of the gas firms has been a blessing for the local population.”